Challenges Facing DMA Support in Asia


About This Site
This site is intended to fill the “Asia Support” gap in the world of Electronic Trading.

Now is an exciting time for Asian markets – they are growing and developing in terms of volume and technology at a pace which exceeds Europe and North America, playing catch-up in some areas, implementing world-firsts in others.

Oftentimes systems are developed, millions of dollars spent on high-speed cables running between countries, and the intricacies of connectivity specified and carefully implemented without more than a fleeting thought given to what happens after everything goes live.

This site is a voice for the unsung heroes of the world of electronic trading in Asia.

About Justin
Justin is a humble professional navigating his way through the challenging and rewarding world of DMA support. He has supported internal and external traders working for a number of securities companies since arriving in Tokyo at the end of 2006.

Prior to coming to Tokyo, Justin started his career supporting mediation systems for a telco after graduating with a degree in information systems.

He likes to think he has seen everything, from keyboards and monitors smashed out of anger, through to being on the front line supporting clients when a certain exchange had a meltdown. However, DMA support being what it is, he knows that almost no two days are the same, and acknowledges that the next big drama is no doubt lurking just around the corner.

In his spare time he enjoys cooking and practicing Hapkido.

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